Cement Rendering

cement rend

If your property’s walls are made of brick or cement blocks, you need to cover the surface to protect the building material from the external elements and ensure moisture doesn’t seep into the property and cause damage to the walls. The best way to weatherproof and waterproof these walls is to apply rendering over the surface and form a protective seal over the porous building material. At All Sydney Rendering, we offer comprehensive rending services and have a team of experienced renderers to provide the best results...

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Acrylic Rendering


Sand and cement rendering is quite popular and most property owners understand what’s involved in the process and what they can expect from the render. However, sand and cement render isn’t the only option available to you so it’s a good idea to explore other types of rendering materials available in the market. We atAll Sydney Rendering, often recommend acrylic rendering to our clients as an alternative to traditional rending materials...

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Polystyrene Rendering


Builders, contractors, and property owners are fast realizing the benefits of polystyrene in construction. While this material has long been used in commercial and public constructions like roads and buildings, it has recently started to become more popular in the residential market as well. Polystyrene rendering, in particular, is in great demand for the number benefits it offers...

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Bathroom Rendering


Bathroom walls are exposed to a considerable amount of moisture, heat, and wear, which is why they should be designed and constructed well. The bathroom wall rendering process requires special technique and materials, and they should only be installed by experienced professionals in the field. If the rendering isn’t applied properly, the moisture from the bathroom will slip out of the walls and cause water damage in the surrounding areas. At All Sydney Rendering, we have ample experience with bathroom rendering and understand the process well. We’re also familiar with the best material to use for rendering to ensure it lasts for a long time...

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Swimming Pool Rendering


A swimming pool can be a significant investment so it’s important to pay attention to the quality and construction of every aspect of your pool. If you compromise on quality, you’ll be forced to deal with frequent repairs, leaks, chips on the pool surface, and other such problems. At All Sydney Rendering, we handle pool rendering and will make sure the rendered surface is durable and resilient...

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Render Repair


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